Linear Actuators

Linear Electric Actuator Solutions for Multiple Purposes – Toowoomba and beyond

Bearings and Power Transmission offer a wide range of high speed linear electric actuators. Everything from lifting columns for office applications to many forms of industrial applications.

With experience, skill and knowledge in linear electric actuators, our team at BPT understand the needs of many industries and are here to assist you in finding the solution that best suits your specific requirements.

Choose a Linear Actuator from our Experienced Toowoomba-based team

As suppliers of high speed linear electric actuator solutions to the quarry & mining, industrial, automotive and agriculture industries, in Toowoomba, Darling Downs and beyond, you can trust in the quality of our products.

As well as linear actuators, we also supply timing belts and pulleys, roller bearings, automotive V belts and so much more.

Below is a list of the portfolio of products we can offer to our customers.
Feel free to ask us any questions and to share what your needs are for your project. After all, most true innovation concepts are conceived in partnerships.

Our High Speed Linear Electric Actuator Solutions


Linear Actuator 36

Extremely powerful linear actuator with up to 10,000 N thrust, or up to 160 mm/s. Designed to operate in extreme conditions. Solid choice for industrial and agricultural applications. ATEX/IECEx approved.

Actuator Baselift

Compact and innovative linear actuator concept for adjustable kitchens and shop counters. Ideal for creating optimal working height. Fits easily into the base of most kitchen designs.

Desk High Adjustment: Selected Linear Actuator lifting columns are available as a Set Pack solution. One box and includes everything you need to assemble your 2-leg desk.

Linear Actuator LA40

Durable actuator with powerful lift (up to 8,000 N) made for a range of healthcare applications, such as beds, couches and chairs for treatment, wheelchairs, operating tables, patient lifts and dental chairs.

Linear Actuator 23

Powerful linear actuator with compact design to fit into narrow spaces. A high push/pull force makes it ideal for almost any application. Comes with Integrated Controller (IC) as an option.

Linear Actuator DL5

Electric lifting column in a 2-part column design. Compact motor housing makes it ideal for elegant office desks. This sturdy column delivers a low-noise lift – both as single column or in parallel drive setups.

Linear Actuator 19

A 3-stage lifting column with motor housing and a unique square profile design. Ideal for office desks and tables, and comes with an easy Click In solution, which makes it very easy to mount.


Linear Actuator 16IC

Basic low-noise electric column with long stroke and integrated control, intended for desks and tables without crossbar. Ideal for both large desks and conference tables.

Linear Actuator 25

Compact designed linear actuator ideal for narrow spaces. Comes with a high IP-degree and aluminium housing and is suited to operate in almost any conditions. ATEX/IECEx approved.

Linear Actuator 12

Elegant and low-noise electric lifting column for desk applications, where slick design needs to match robust movement. With a no-crossbar construction it will allow extra leg space and freedom of design.


Linear Actuator 6

3-part lifting column with a compact motor housing almost invisible in your desk design. Very sturdy and compatible with multiple desk designs.


Linear Actuator 3

The LC3 lifting column sets the standard for vertical lifting columns for high-end medical applications. This compact lifting column fulfils the market requirements for a solid and stable lift. High speed and advanced memory options ensure fast positioning. The LC3 moves very quietly, even with substantial loads.

Linear Actuator 20

LA20 is a small inline actuator suitable for a variety of healthcare applications. It is a nicely designed inline actuator with a relatively high load capacity at 2,500 N. The LA20 inline actuator is ideal where space is limited and where design matters.


Linear Actuator 11

Long-stroke electric column allowing smooth and low-noise adjustment in various desk applications and TV / monitor stands. The 3-part construction ensures short installation dimension.


Linear Actuator DB14

Low-noise inline actuator designed for integration in customised 3-part column desks. Comes with long stroke length, compact size, and slim guidance design.

Linear Actuator 33

The linear actuator LA33 combines compact design with powerful performance. Available with IC and fit to work in rough and extreme environments