Dotmar Engineering Plastics

Cantilever Gate Renovation

A gate repair contractor requested BPT to supply plastic wear strips and new guide rollers for a large industrial cantilever gate renovation. This rather large

Dotmar Engineering Plastics

Moly Filled Nylon Bushes

Dotmar’s Nylatron GSM range is a self-lubricating moly filled nylon material which eliminates the need of regular lubrication making the assembly maintenance free One of

Power Transmission

Split Tapered Bush With New Key

What a week for breakdowns. After a few challenges with establishing the right shaft size by our customer, the pressure was on BPT to create

split labyrinth seal
Dotmar Engineering Plastics

Split Grain Dust Seal

Problem solved. A customer had a serious problem trying to keep grain and grain dust inside a feed mixer hopper. The mixer hopper was designed

Cyclo Sumitomo 619
Power Transmission

Ribbon Mixer Case Study

After 13 years of continuous service this Cyclo Sumitomo 619 series gearbox started developing some weird noises. Therefore, we decided to put a case study


Cam Follower Bearing Modification

Cam followers like the one depicted below can be hard to grease without the right grease gun coupling. But with a small cam follower bearing

IXL Premium Lubricants

IXL Grease Heat Test

IXL Grease Extreme Heat Test • Heat causes most greases to sling • Oil pulls from the thickener• Lubrication is lost• Machinery breaks down Torch