Below you will see photos of a chain and sprocket upgrade BPT has done for a very good customer.

After visiting the customer on site where they had a major problem with the chain breaking frequently costing a lot of money in down time and lost production amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. They had to act fast before the next season.

2060_bi_pitch chain

BPT upgraded the old 2060 bi pitch chain to a heavy 3″ pitch 7500lb Tsubaki Premium chain to keep the same spacing of the racks.

7500lb_Tsubaki Premium_chain

In collaboration with our excellent fabrication and machining team, we designed a new attachment which can now be easily bolted on and off, without having to pull chains apart to replace the rakes that run between the chains.


The attachments were laser cut and welded to the chain.


Within the attachments we have supplied and machined new Ertacetal Dotmar engineered bushes. Allowing the racks to pivot without binding with no need to lube bushes.

With this application, we had limited room to increase sprocket size so we made custom sprockets to suit the application. Sprockets are machined from one-piece billets then bored and keyed to suit original shafts.

Shaft size has never caused a problem for the client so shaft sizes were retained.

No need to spend extra money on upgrading shaft and bearings when it is not needed.


Stayed tuned for some videos of the finished project.

We are a retailer of Tsubaki Australia who is a major industrial supplier of high quality chain and sprockets.

BPT is also a retailer for Dotmar Engineering Plastics who is a supplier of all types of thermoplastic materials.

If you have a technical challenge or your production equipment needs an upgrade give us a call or submit your details here and we will get in touch with you to see how we can help.

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