Timing Belts and Pulleys

Suppliers of Timing Belts and Pulleys for Toowoomba and Surrounding Area

At BPT we have the timing belts and pulleys you need to get the job done right. We are suppliers to a range of industries operating in around Toowoomba, Darling Downs and everywhere in between, so no matter what type of timing belt or pulley you need, we can help find the best solution.

Explore our range and find the timing belt or pulley you need below, and should you need expert advice, we are the suppliers you can trust. Contact our team to learn more.


Classic Timing Belts

Synchronous Belts are one of the most important part of Power Transmission drives. They exhibit important properties such as fixed speed ratio, no re-tensioning after installation, low maintenance with wide variety of power transmission capacities and drive speeds.
Finer Power Transmissions stock various types of timing belts in numerous sizes in sleeves and cuts them to order: Classical, HTD Metric and Polyurethane

Metric Timing Belts

Belt Designation:
Example: 800 8M 30
800 = Pitch length 800mm
8M = Section (Tooth pitch 9.0mm)
30 = Belt width 30mm

metric timing belts

Double Sided Timing Belts

Double Sided Timing Belts are Timing Belts designed to transmit power on both sides of the belt and operate in both directions.

Polyurethane Timing Belts

Timing belts made of polyurethane with steel lacing tension cord and trapezoid formed teeth.


Type T2.5: power transmission up to 0.5 kW, electro mechanical design, e.g. film cameras

Type T5: power transmission up to 2 kW, e.g. grinding, kitchen and office machines

Type T10: power transmission up to 20 kW, e.g. textile, printing and tool machines, pumps, compressors, bellows