A gate repair contractor requested BPT to supply plastic wear strips and new guide rollers for a large industrial cantilever gate renovation.

This rather large industrial gate was in urgent need of repair.

Industrial Cantilever Gate

Gate was stripped of all its rollers and guide rollers.

Bottom Guide Rollers

Wear strips were fitted to the front guiding parts of the gate and guiding cradle, so there would be no metal to metal contact when the gate would open and close.

Front Guiding Frame with Rubber Wheel
Bottom Guiding Cradle
Top Guiding Cradle

To ensure longevity of the rollers, BPT fitted seals in the top mounted vertical rollers to prevent water entering the bearings and seizing them up.

Top Guide Roller with top seal to prevent water penetration

Shafts that hold the vertical guide rollers were fitted with circlip groves. This prevented the top support rollers from sliding down and dragging on the fitting brackets and meant the rollers would remain in the right support location at all times.

Due to the gate operating on a slight angle it does not always track straight. So BPT designed, manufactured and supplied replacement rollers as the gate is a Cantilever design with the weight of the gate running on the purposed built gate track.

Purposed Built Gate Track

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