Problem solved.

A customer had a serious problem trying to keep grain and grain dust inside a feed mixer hopper.

The mixer hopper was designed with packer seals located inside the machine, however due to the abrasiveness of the grain dust the packer seals would soon wear out causing a significant loss of product during operation with a daily mess to clean up.

Because there is a substantial cost involved in pulling the machine out of production and removing the shafts every time this happens, BPT designed, manufactured and supplied these split labyrinth seals with a matching split flange.

Split Labyrinth Seals

We used PS7000 food grade Dotmar plastics which are split and clamped on to the shaft and therefore also rotates with the shaft.

Split Steel Flange

It meshes with its matching steel part which is also a split part bolted and sealed to the machine.

Split Labyrinth Seals with Steel Flange

This gives it multiple sealing surfaces stopping the loss of product from the machine plus there is no more mess to clean up. This in turn saves time for plant operators and enables them to perform other productive tasks at hand.

Split Labyrinth Seal with Steel Flange

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