Dotmar’s Nylatron GSM range is a self-lubricating moly filled nylon material which eliminates the need of regular lubrication making the assembly maintenance free

One of BPT’s customers approached us about sourcing or getting these suspension bushes custom made for his agricultural planter. The original yellow OEM bushes are made from an oil filled plastic and came in at a cost of $ 400 each.

Oil filled plastic bush

Since there were 6 of these bushes to replace it would incur a substantial cost of $ 2400 just to replace all the bushes. Plus, even though the OEM bushes were made from oil filled material, they still required regular lubrication to obtain smooth operation, but with planting often happening in a very dusty environment, lubrication and dust combines to be quite abrasive and consequently causing extra wear.

To overcome the need for regular lubrication and to avoid attracting dust to the moving parts while planting BPT elected to manufacture bushes made from Dotmar’s Nylatron GSM nylon range which is a self-lubricating moly filled material and it essentially eliminates the need of regular lubrication and practically makes the assembly maintenance free.
Plus, it no longer attracted dust to the wearing parts while in operation.

Nylatron LFX nylon bushes

BPT manufactured and supplied 6 of these custom made Nylatron GSM nylon bushes for the grand total of
$ 720 which is less than 1/3 of the price the customer would have to pay for genuine bushes.

Nylatron LFX nylon bush

Also, keeping in mind that since the OEM bushes are not entirely self-lubricating, but requires regular additional lubrication the oil filled OEM bushes were found to be wearing quicker than the new Nylatron GSM bushes.

All in all a very good outcome for the customer.

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