And how BPT helped repair and restore production in record time....

Here is an outline of events from initial phone call to restored production

Daniel received a call from chief maintenance officer on Wednesday afternoon.

The main conveyor, which transports product ingredients from the storage shed to the factory had broken down.
With it being the main supply line into the factory, it needed to be repaired and operational by Friday afternoon.

BPT swung into action going directly onsite to see what we could do to help.

After onsite meeting with chief maintenance officer, we put a plan in place to have a new shaft machined up and fit weld-in hubs into the old sprockets to fix the damage to the inside of the old cast sprockets.

BPT also actioned the following directly to meet the deadline of Friday afternoon.

  • Ordered the correct length of 16B-3 Chain being 59pitches of Tsubaki Premium drive chain.
    (Saving the client money on not having to buy a 10ft box.)
  • Ordered in the new drive sprocket c/w 2” taper lock direct from Sydney to have in Toowoomba by Friday Morning.

Through BPT’s preferred local machine shop, Daniel organised to fabricate a new shaft, c/w keys to avoid the chain from rubbing on the frame work and machining of the old cast sprockets to suit the weld-in hubs. Using weld-in hub was a better long-term solution than welding directly onto the shaft. The shafts were machined to take the stepped weld-in hubs, then high strength self-locking retainer units were used to lock them in place.

drive axle, cast iron sprockets

Close up image of newly machined components.

New bearings and housings, key steel, other sprockets con links and half links were sourced from BPT’s vast range of spare part stock here in Toowoomba.

Benefit to Customer.

  • Very little down time.

  • Customer didn’t have to run around organising everything.
    Saving him time to do other jobs on site.

  • Saved money modifying the large cast iron sprockets, where as to replace these would have cost a lot more and would have increased down time.

End Result

Customer was very impressed with the service provided by BPT and stated that: “No other bearing company could have completed everything and restored production within such a short time frame.

Another very happy customer.

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