IXL Grease Extreme Heat Test
• Heat causes most greases to sling
• Oil pulls from the thickener
• Lubrication is lost
• Machinery breaks down
Torch Plate demonstrating heat resistance
• Read Grease
Red & Tacky Lithium Grease
• Grey Grease
5 % Moly Aluminium Grease
• Green Grease
IXL All purpose grease
Red Grease fails at 113° C
Grey Grease fails at 126° C
iXL Grease is the only grease in the world with iXL Lubricating Technology, which makes it heat activated, pulling into steel where other greases fail. Even when iXL Grease gets hot enough to liquify, it clings to metal for continuous protection of your machines.
Green IXL Grease never fails even at 285° C
Use iXL when “Good Enough” isn’t enough.
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